August 5, 2015




The difference between a good first impression and losing a client forever can be as simple as a pretty picture.  Our new society is so focused on pictures, videos, and GIFs that you can lose someone’s attention just by not having a nice picture for someone to look at.  It’s a sad truth to our society today, but have no fear I can help!

Whether you are a bar, restaurant, or just a single person I can add a professional quality photographs to your website for you.

I will shoot all of your photos with my Canon Rebel DSLR camera.

I have studied under some of the best in the business and your photos will not disappoint. Then, add in my years of Photoshop & Lightroom experience and I will help make these photos ones to remember.

Good Photography


clouds1 moon clouds2 clouds4  2014-10-25 15.42.26 2015-06-25 21.11.19-2

 clouds3 falls




codjovi IMG_6609b


2015-06-20 21.11.41-2 2015-09-18 14.55.15 HDR

Want to book me to take some pictures for you, send me an email and we can figure everything out